The PIEMI- Consulting Firm (CF) is a social initiative of the Philippine Innovation Entrepreneurship Mission, Inc. (PIEMI). PIEMI-CF aspires to lead various forms of promotions from outsider perspectives for the service of continuing excellence in the production or knowledge both qualitative and quantitative methods in capturing business innovation, re-invention, and re-discovery to safeguard better stability to traditional or non-traditional business operations.
  1. (1) Individual Consultation [Business Coaching]
  2. (2) Organization Consultation
  3. (3) Private Public Partnership Consultation

The Consulting Firm Team offers its broad range and depth of experience, skills, and expertise. The senior and junior consultants came from various walks of professions, nationalities, education philosophy, and industry exposures.


The Consulting Firm Team remains curious about all business issues, controversies, including solutions, open to sharing their ideas and experience. Confidentiality is given the proper focus in the midst of transactions to safeguard the client’s welfare.

The sophistication and credibility offered by every team member of the Philippine Innovation Entrepreneurship Mission, Inc. –Consulting Firm is a direct reflection of the management team’s Pinoy values anchored on its preamble, vision, and mission.


The Philippine Innovation Entrepreneurship Mission, Inc. – Consulting Firm allows your company to make a difference in the Philippine society guided by Pinoy Values, this is our powerful legacy. PIEMI-CF navigate its compass to deliver tools that maximizes the efficiency of your company’s services or products. PIEMI-CF is committed to make the impossible things possible. Collectively, our services can also advance the state of our society in one way or the other, through simple and noble means.

Availing the services of the Philippine Innovation Entrepreneurship Mission, Inc. – Consulting Firm is not only about improving your company’s current status, it is also about helping the marginalized sector of the Philippine society. With the opportunity to access our world class services, you are also directing PIEMI to safeguard its advocacy in the Philippine society. Imagine that our affordable rates can better position your company while you are sharing your resources to the intended benefactors, partners, and collaborators of the Philippine Innovation Entrepreneurship Mission, Inc.- this is incredible! 

More than the success of your company, it is also about building a solidarity to those who are the less privilege in accessing even to basic human rights. During Harvard Commencement 2007, Bill Gates stated that “I hope you will judge yourselves not on your professional accomplishments alone, but also on how well you have addressed the world’s deepest inequities…on how well you have treated people a world away who nothing in common with you but their humanity.”

To end, may the services of the Philippine Innovation Entrepreneurship Mission, Inc. touch your company, and may we touch more lives because of the business partnership that you will entrust to us. As the bible states, for many were called, but few are chosen (Matthew 22:14). May this be the start of the solidarity tradition.

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